About Me

I’m a 17 year old Christian author and history enthusiast who lives in the USA in the frigid state of Colorado. I have always loved writing and reading. I have one fiction book published Ria Ruse and I am planning on publishing more.

I’ve been having a hard time updating this site, plus all the stupid bugs and just the basic things involved in running a website. So I’ve decided to move my platform to Patreon. It will still be free, but it’ll make it so that I can focus more on creative writing and less on blogging.

It will still be free!

There will be too separate feeds. One for patrons and one for the public. The only difference is that the patrons feed will have sneak peeks, giveaways, Q & A’s, etc… The public feed will have book updates and the occasion special event. I’m still going to keep this site up, but there will be no new content. I hope y’all will follow me over to Patreon.

So thank you for reading this and I hope you understand my reasoning.


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  1. lindsey.b:) says:

    this is coming from a personal friend of her – she is indeed a really hard worker and i have heard several times on how exciting this was for her to accomplish


  2. Haha, it’s Priscilla. (wanderer is my blog name xP) Are you part of the Young Writers Workshop by any chance?


  3. MorganS.Ray says:

    Thanks wanderer it is my pleasure

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s so cool! It’s hard work to write a book–thanks for investing in us! 😀


  5. MorganS.Ray says:

    Thank you it s good to know there are people who want to read about these types characters


  6. deborajeanne says:

    I look forward to your characters. I bet they will be realistic and helpful to those of us who heroically face daily chronic illness.


  7. Vinod.vk says:

    Looking forward for some good read


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